Rewarding Lion-Hearted Holders

10%+ Slippage Required!

Updated Contract, V1 holders airdropped!


fair launched.


The AstroLion Project is a Community-Owned token designed by Tristen Esco, launched by FairLaunchCalls, and owned entirely by the Community.

The AstroLion Community represents the ability of one’s self to prioritize, and practice healthy minds, healthy bodies, and healthy selves.

When the Lion-Hearted rise to meet their full potential, there is no limit to what can be achieved.


Phase 1 : 0 – 1,000 Holders

  • Website Launched
  • Token Launched
  • Community Telegram/Twitter Launched
  • Founder’s NFT Launched
  • Contract Renounced
  • Full Community Ownership

Phase 2 : 1,000 – 5,000 Holders

  • New NFT Releases
  • Applications to CG/CMC

Phase 3 : 5,000+ Holders

  • CEX Listing (Funded by FLC)
  • New NFT Development

100% Community Owned

AstroLion will remain fully owned by the Community after Phase One, with FLC assisting on CG/CMC, CEX Listings where requested, and New NFT Development/Releases as phases progress. Beyond this, the community will dictate the direction and spread of AstroLion.

Stake your place as a Community Leader – create content, and spread the token! The future is in the hands of the holder!